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About Our Financial Planning Firm

"We started Ignite Wealth Planning because we felt traditional financial planning was outdated.  We've all been handed the 100-page bound book that gets tossed in a drawer and forgotten.  We use sophisticated technology and ingenuity to help you create a financial plan you can actually implement."

 - Kevin & Kevin | Co- Founders

Our Values

At Ignite Wealth we are consistently seeking to uncover a better way to implement financial plans by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work, we have developed the following core values that serve as a guide for everything we do.

  • We value deep, intentional relationships over having as many clients as possible.
  • We value interactive and dynamic technology over excessive reports and documents.
  • We value collaboration with our clients over hard selling.
  • We value the ability to respond to change in a client’s life over following a rigid plan.